WarmSculpting™ with SculpSure® for Double Chins

Whether your double chin is the result of genetics, weight gain, or age, WarmSculpting™ treatment with SculpSure® can help. T

A double chin may not be a health problem, but it can still tinker with your wellbeing if you feel self-conscious about it. Thankfully, you don’t have to settle for excess fat below your chin. Whether a plumper profile has always been an issue for you, or if it’s gradually formed as you aged, minimally invasive WarmSculpting™ with SculpSure® may be a useful option.

At the offices of Dr. Neil Furman in North Miami Beach, FL, we’re dedicated to helping you look your best.

What causes a double chin?

Also called submental fat, a double chin can be genetic, meaning it runs in your family. While they occur in thinner people, too, double chins sometimes develop as a result of weight gain. They become more likely with age, too, as your skin loses elasticity. The fat below your chin can be especially stubborn, lingering on even after losing excess weight. That’s one big reason WarmSculpting treatment can work well in this area, because it’s designed to address fat that doesn’t diminish with healthy lifestyle changes.

How SculpSure works

To perform WarmSculpting treatment, the SculpSure device uses concentrated laser energy to target and eliminate stubborn, unwanted fat cells. It works on a variety of body areas, including the abdominal region, love handles, thighs, and double chin. During a 25-minute office visit, the laser heats cells in the treatment area to a point that it damages them. You’ll feel warmth during your treatment, which is generally well-tolerated. From there, your body naturally eliminates the damaged fat cells over the following 6-12 weeks. 

Benefits of SculpSure for a double chin

In addition to taking only 25 minutes to perform, a WarmSculpting treatment is far less invasive than cosmetic surgery and requires no downtime. You can literally go straight from treatment to your usual daily activities. As another perk, the SculpSure device won’t damage surrounding tissue. And because your results will appear gradually and look very natural, you won’t have to worry about looking as though you suddenly “had work done.” On top of all of that, the destroyed fat cells never return. In other words, WarmSculpting results are permanent.

SculpSure’s effectiveness

Our clients have been very pleased with their WarmSculpting treatment results, for the double chin and other areas. Research conducted by the manufacturers has shown that a single treatment can effectively do away with up to 24% of unwanted fat cells. If you wish to increase these results, you can schedule a series of treatments until you reach your desired look. Dr. Furman will help determine your ideal plan based on your preferences and aesthetic goals. 

To get started on the path to a sleeker profile soon, call us at 786-520-2584 or book an appointment online today. Dr. Furman and his team would love to help you feel more comfortable and confident about your appearance.

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