Ditch the Double Chin with Noninvasive WarmSculpting™ by SculpSure®

At our practice in North Miami Beach, Florida, Dr. Neil Furman is both a primary care physician and an aesthetic specialist w

Of the many cosmetic concerns that can greatly impact a person’s appearance, the double chin ranks near the top of the list. This most unwelcome sibling of your natural chin affects your appearance from every angle, and making matters worse, it’s a tough issue to tackle. 

At our practice in North Miami Beach, Florida, Dr. Neil Furman is both a primary care physician and an aesthetic specialist who offers a wide range of services to our patients, helping them look and feel great. And when it comes to stubborn deposits of fat, especially under your chin, we’re pleased to offer WarmSculpting by SculpSure. Here’s a look at how this innovative technology can help you ditch your double chin.

Double trouble

There are many factors that can lead to a double chin, and weight is only one of them. In fact, thin people can develop a double chin thanks to an inherited propensity to carry extra fat in this area.

As well, age can play a significant role in the development of a double chin for two reasons. First, as you age your skin loses its structural support — namely collagen and elastin — which allows your skin to succumb to gravity in low points like under your chin. Second, with this loss of structural support, the thin layer of fat in your face and around your chin is no longer held in place and gathers under chin.

And, yes, if you’re carrying extra weight, you’re much more likely to develop a double chin as your body stashes the excess fat in every available area.

Targeting the fat

One of the more frustrating aspects that comes with dealing with stubborn pockets of fat is that you can’t target these areas through diet and exercise. When you lose weight, your body chooses where it sheds the excess pounds, and the submental fat under your chin may not be high on this list.

This is the primary reason why our WarmSculpting treatments by SculpSure are so effective at tackling areas like a double chin. During your WarmSculpting treatment, we direct the energy directly into the offending fat cells, reducing them by as much as 24%. 

The energy we deliver with the SculpSure technology is noninvasive and passes harmlessly through the surface of your skin and into your fat cells. The fat cells absorb the energy as heat, which destroys their ability to store fat. Once the cells are damaged, your body flushes them out through your lymphatic system, leaving you with a much-improved profile.

A re-emerging solo act

After your WarmSculpting treatments, it may take up to six weeks for you to start seeing a difference and up to 12 weeks to realize your optimal results. As your body processes the treated fat cells, your natural chin emerges as a solo act once again, improving your appearance from every angle. And the best part? When we destroy the fat cells under your chin, they don’t regenerate, which means the results are yours to maintain.

If you’d like to banish your double chin with WarmSculpting by SculpSure, contact us at 786-520-2584 or use our online scheduling tool to set up your appointment.

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